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Gunpowder, Tales of a Wise Cracking Cowpony  

Gunpowder the Cow Pony is the narrator of a comical and heart touching story about how he and this little country boy named Conrad grew together to become an inseparable team. They begin their summer adventures by solving the mystery of the disappearance of Ole Seven, the milk cow and getting painfully buzzed while robbing the honey out of a beehive. They go on a rope-throwing wild cow hunt with Mr. Winks, the horseshoer, and his two cow-catching dogs. Finally, all clean, spit-polished and trembling with excitement, Conrad meets the love of his life as they ride beneath the night lights in the grand entry at the Brownwood Rodeo.

Gunpowder the Cowpony Goes to Cowboy School  

Gunpowder and Conrad ride again...all the way to Cowboy School.

Things are tough in Bangs, Texas.  Conrad's dad has lost his job and he can barely afford Gunpowder's feed.  To keep from having to sell Gunpowder, Conrad needs to find work and fast... but first, they must go to Cowboy School and learn the ropes.

Sounds fun, until they meet up with classroom bullies determined to make their lives miserable.  With the odds stacked against them, can they survive Cowboy School, win a roping competition, and save the family farm?  Or is Gunpowder doomed to end up on the auction block?

Gunpowder, Rivals on the Ranch  

Gunpowder is Back!

But this time he's in bigger trouble than ever.  When he gets hurt saving his buddy Conrad from being horned by a mean tiger-striped cow, Gunpowder is forced to sit on the sidelines while a new, hotshot horse named Ringo, takes his place.

Can Gunpowder get well in time to take his rightful place on the ranch and Cowboy School? Or, will Ringo make sure that Gunpowder is permanently put out to pasture?

BookCover6x9 Front Cropped (1).jpg
Gunpowder 3 Cover_edited.jpg

Special offers direct from the author!

Signed copy of Tales of a Wise Cracking Cowpony $10.00

Signed copy of Gunpowder the Cowpony Goes to Cowboy School.  $10.00

Signed copy of Rivals on the Ranch.  $10.00

Signed copy of all three of the Gunpowder books for $25.00

*Sales tax, shipping, and handling included in pricing

*For wholesale and special pricing for schools and international orders please     CONTACT       the author.

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BookCover6x9 Front Cropped (1).jpg
Gunpowder 3 Cover_edited.jpg
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