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Author Michael Rountree

Dear Gunpowder fan,  

     Growing up in central Texas, mostly around Brady and Ballinger,

I was extremely fortunate to have one of the best child-hoods. The

internet and video games weren’t around yet, so after I got off the

school bus, I would grab a snack, saddle my horse, and be gone until

dark on most days.

     My imagination would lead me to imitate what I had watched on

the most recent cowboy movie. I rode through miles of mesquite

trees and prickly pear cactus, chasing and roping wild cattle, and

fighting outlaws.  My dad, a horse trainer and a farrier or horse

shoer, and my mom, a ranch girl and business owner, made sure I was well stocked with my best friends, my horses and dogs.

     Fast forward many years, after a Masters degree in Education, marriage, and a family and I’m reading with one of my fifth-grade students. I can’t remember if it was Ole Yeller or Where the Red Fern Grows, but it dawned on me, that if I put some memories and thoughts together, maybe I could have enough for a book and sure enough, it happened, then again, and then a 3rd one in the Gunpowder series. I hope I never stop writing them.

     I believe this is year 24 in my teaching career and I have taught 4th through 12th grade, mostly Reading and Social Studies. I’ve always tried to find that common link between two of my loves, horses and teaching. I can’t express the feeling a teacher gets when one of their students says, “I love to read!” Jennifer, my wife and fourth grade teacher, and I live on a 100 acre ranch northwest of Spearman, Texas where we enjoy our horses, dogs, chickens, and garden.

     I hope you enjoy reading about Gunpowder, Conrad, and all their friends on the Mesquite Bean Ranch and Cowboy School.  I would love to hear from you with any questions or comments. Just drop me an email at

Michael Rountree

Author of Gunpowder

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"When rough times crop up, we work together as a family to pitch in and get through those rough times- Herman, Anne, Conrad, and me, Gunpowder."

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