Volume 3 in

the Gunpowder Series

Dec 2018

Gunpowder is Back!!

But this time he's in bigger trouble than ever.  When he is injured saving his buddy Conrad from being horned by a mean tiger-striped cow, Gunpowder is forced to sit on the sidelines while a new, hotshot horse named Ringo takes his place.

Can Gunpowder heal in time to take his rightful place on the ranch and Cowboy School?  Or, will Ringo make sure that Gunpowder is permanently put out to pasture?

Rivals on the Ranch is the third book in the Gunpowder series by Texas cowboy, high school teacher, and award-winning author, Michael Rountree

Rivals on the Ranch trailer

I'm no ordinary horse.  Yes, I know that you know I'm a quarter horse, and that I can sprint a quarter of a mile, and that I can spin on a dime and give nine cents change.  That I can herd cattle, chase 'em out of a stock tank, chase a calf down an arena and work a rope like no other.  I pride myself on being Conrad's cowpony, but more importantly, I am part of a family.         



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